A 10-Week Spa Treatment for Your Heart

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   Week 1   


Expert Interview: Pittman McGehee

Inspiration: Ariane Corcoran

We'll explore how to go beyond loving thoughts of yourself to really feeling love for yourself and how that is the key to ease, authenticity, and joy.  We'll cover how to develop a compassionate relationship with yourself and how that affects motivation and self-care.

   Week 3   


Expert Interview: Jennifer Imming Craven

Inspiration: Hanalei Myers

We'll cover how to get to know your true self, distinguish it from your wounds, and listen to your heart. We'll also discuss functioning under stress.

   Week 2   


Expert Interview: James Keeley

Inspiration: Christine Hassler

You'll learn how to be a good mother to your inner child, deal with feelings you don't like, and heal neural webs in your brain that hold limiting patterns.

   Week 4   


Expert Interview: Tori Olds

Inspiration: Claire Griffy

You'll learn how to embrace even the things you don't like about yourself, the truth of "what we resist, persists," and how to use mindfulness to find more peace within.

Yourself Truly Is Clinically Demonstrated 
To Be Effective

"Analyses show that participants in the treatment condition experienced significant changes in their levels of self-judgment, overall self-compassion (which includes self-judgment/self-kindness), shame, and perfectionism, compared to the waitlist participants. They also maintained these changes in self-judgment, self-compassion, shame, and perfectionism over time."

Nuture Your True Self and Love Your Life

   Week 5   

What Others Think

Expert Interview: Carrie Contey

Inspiration: Robbie Ausley

Understand how to balance listening to your own truth with taking in other's view of you. We'll cover how keep in mind context, have boundaries, plug energy leaks in your life, and find belonging vs. fitting in.

   Week 7   


Expert Interview: Sydnor Sikes

Inspiration: Barbara Levesque

We'll look at the connective power of mistakes and messiness, and the costs of perfectionism, as well as how to heal shame.

   Week 6   


Expert Interview: Deborah Kern

Inspiration: Robin Bruce

Here you'll learn how to own your voice, express yourself authentically, and live sensually. We'll cover the defenses you might find in yourself and others so that you can bring awareness to the ways you may block life energy and connection. 

   Week 8   

Dependency Needs

Expert Interview 1: Stan Tatkin

Expert Interview 2: John Howard

Inspiration: Sabrina Truscott

Needing each other is healthy, though our society emphasizes self-reliance. You'll learn about diffused dependency, attachment styles, and how to be healthily regulated by others while avoiding codependency.

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I've been married for 4 years. . . Thank you for teaching me that I was worthy of this kind of love, that men are not my enemies, that the world is a safe place for me to be my authentic self and for guiding me to look for a partner . . . We are doing great!

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In my heart and mind I know that my relationship with [my husband] and with my family and friends are richer and deeper because of the tools that you gave me. My life is forever changed for the better because of our time together.

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You changed my life . . . I don't know where I'd be otherwise. Thank you for helping me find my true authentic self and sitting with me and my feelings!

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Thank you for the ways in which you’ve guided me to feel more, to express more, to share more, to act more, and to be more courageous.

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